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Davines Essential
Headway Magazine
July 2015

Essential Davines

This April, New Zealand beauty editors joined Boutique Brands and Laura Luciani from Davines at the beautiful Matua Rd Farm in Kumeu to learn about biodiversity, the importance of provenance, and the new Davines Essential Haircare collection.

Essential Haircare is the daily haircare line that best epitomises the Davines brand and embodies the company’s values. This year, all of its nine families were completely updated.

The Essential Haircare line has been reborn out of a combination of the scientific commitment of Davines’ scientific laboratories and protection of the Mediterranean’s artisan and cultural heritage, with formulas free from sulphates and parabens, and featuring selected active ingredients grown in Italy that contribute to keeping alive heritage vegetable species at risk of extinction.

To make them, Davines is collaborating with the non-profit Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity by joining the Presidia Project.

This non-profit foundation protects selected places in order to safeguard the Earth’s biodiversity, by building bridges between ecology, gastronomy, ethics and the pleasures of the table.

Each family in the Essential Haircare line contains one specific active ingredient from a Slow Food Presidium that features the story, the face, and the name of the person who grew it with care and passion.

The packaging for Essential Haircare is created with the minimum amount of plastic necessary to protect the formulas inside. The packs are produced using food grade plastics and can be reused as knick-knack containers or plant pots.

All carbon dioxide emissions generated by the production of Essential Haircare containers are offset by contributing to the creation and protection of forests in Madagascar.

Each Essential Haircare family has a specific property: nourishment, moisturisation, volumising, shine enhancement, protection, elasticising, control, daily care. All keep the promise implicit in their name with the common objective of protecting the hair from external attack while guaranteeing an immediate cosmetic effect.