First World Colouring

Rockfoil is a revolutionary, eco-friendly foil replacement that’s better for salons, better for clients, and better for the earth, and it was created right here in New Zealand.

The brainchild of Amanda Buckingham, a former Dunedin salon owner looking to reduce her environmental impact, Rockfoil is an innovative mineral paper created from recycled industrial waste.

Easy-to-use and cost-comparable to aluminium foil, Rockfoil is gentler on clients’ hair and improves cleanliness of colour, while ticking every box on the environmental friendliness checklist.

No trees are felled to make Rockfoil, it uses 96 percent less production energy than aluminium foil, it’s 100 percent bleach-free, and it creates no toxic by-products.

If your salon is committed to improving its eco-credentials while providing a better client experience, Rockfoil is the smart, green choice.